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Rubinald Rofino Pronk, formerly of Dutch National, has one of those bodies; think da Vinci's model, elongate, add hyper-flexibility, fab feet and tensile strength. If that weren't enough he has found a soulmate of matching physical splendor in Drew Jacoby, who displays feline grace on girders of steel...

                        - Dance Europe

...Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's steely duet One...showcased Jacoby and Pronk's knife-edged limbs, razor-sharp technique, and sensual chemistry.

                     - Dance Magazine

...tough as nails, riveting in their complexity, and performed with flawless cool by Drew Jacoby and Rubinald Pronk.

                     - Dallas Morning News

The independent duo of Rubinald Rofino Pronk, a sleek dancer...and Drew Jacoby, a tall, perfectly-ripped woman...were sensational -- all sinewy dynamite and flexy agility -- in Annabelle Lopez Ochoa's angular showpiece, One.

                     - Houston Chronicle

Drew Jacoby

The female dancer of the evening that wowed the most was Drew Jacoby. Ms. Jacoby is a powerhouse...She’s athletic and has a musicality that ranks her as one of the true living legends in the field of dance.

                      - Pegasus News

...a tall, willowy ballerina...the ultimate scene-stealer with her slinky hips, swinging bob, power and perfect line.
                      - New Zealand Herald

...Just seeing Jacoby go up on point was worth the price of admission.

                      - New Orleans TImes-Picayune

Ballerina Drew Jacoby opens and closes the program with solos so clear, stylish and sensual...

                      - Palm Beach Post instinctive and unusual mover with prodigiously mobile limbs.

                      - Contra Costa Times

Eye catching was Drew Jacoby, solid on her toes even as she pushed her body continually past its point of equilibrium.


...Drew Jacoby’s voluptuous extensions evoked gasps from the audience.

                      - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Rubi Pronk

Binding the work is Rubinald Rofino Pronk...His dark skin and braided hair make a stunning combination with the purity of his classical line. Tall and graceful, with velvet smooth coordination, he has developed a maturity that still glows with promise.

                       - Dance Europe

...the ballet was nigh on stolen by the charismatic Rubinald Rofino Pronk...he devours the stage with an animalistic hunger and mercurial jetes that are so innate they almost look languid.
                       - Dance Europe

Holland's sexiest ballet dancer ever.

                       - Elsevier Magazine

Rubinald Rofino Pronk, as the Angel, possessed great elevation, flexibility and strong stage presence, was a dark and powerful figure.



The charismatic and ultra-flexible Rubinald Rofino Pronk... gave a dynamic performance...

                       - Boston Globe

The magnificently saturnine Rubinald Rofino Pronk leaves no doubt that his embrace is the kind you don't wake up from.

                       - The London Independent

Photos by Joshua Martens